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Project Description

CBK Hi/Low Gear Pumps

Item#: Gear Pumps
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Quality Certificate: ISO9000, ISO/TS16949
Delivery Time: 7-15 working day
Guarantee Period: 1 Years





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General Description

The CBK 2-stage gear pump consists of a big displacement, low pressure pump and a small displacement, high pressure pump, a check valve as well as an unloading valve. While working at the pressure lower than the unloading pressure, both big and small pumps output flow. When working at a higher pressure,only small pump outputs flow,which highly reduces the power consumption. The CBK hi/low pumps are widely used in the power units for trash compressors, machine tools and presses.

Order Code

Outline Dimension

Rear in/front out

Side in/Side out

Technical data

ModelFlow @ 1800 RPM Displacement mL/r(in3/r)Pressure (MPa)Speed(RPM)Dimension
L/min (GPM)low prehigh preUnloadWorkL(mm)
CBK-C2.1**/F0.8**5.50 (1.453)2.17 (0.132)0.89 (0.054)211800154
CBK-C3.2**/F1.2**8.26 (2.182)3.32 (0.203)1.27 (0.078)Range: 1.4-6.3160
CBK-C3.7**/F1.2**9.2 (2.430)3.84 (0.234)1.27 (0.078)Preset: 4.2162
CBK-C4.2**/F0.8**9.34 (2.468)4.3 (0.262)0.89 (0.054)162.5
CBK-C4.2**/F1.6**10.72 (2.832)4.3 (0.262)1.66 (0.101)165.5
CBK-C5**/F1.2**11.47 (3.030)5.1 (0.311)1.27 (0.078)167
CBK-C5**/F2.1**13.08 (3.456)5.1 (0.311)2.17 (0.132)170.5
CBK-C6**/F2.1**14.76 (3.900)6.03 (0.368)2.17 (0.132)174

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