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Project Description

CBK Gear Pumps

Item#: Gear Pumps
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Quality Certificate: ISO9000, ISO/TS16949
Delivery Time: 7-15 working day
Guarantee Period: 1 Years




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General Description

The CBK gear pump consists of a gear pair supported by two aluminum bearing blocks, a housing, front cover and rear cover.
The axis clearance can be automatically compensated by the bearing blocks.The CBK pump features high mechanical and volumetric efficiency, low noise level as well as low weigh/power ratio.
Notes:The CBK gear pump has five options of inlet/outlrt positions:rear in/front out,sidein/rear out,rear in/side out,side in/side out,rear in/rear out. Both CW and CCW direction pump are available.


Order Code

Outline Dimension

Technical data

ModelDisplacementpressure (MPa)Speed(RPM)L(mm)Efficiency
CBK-F0.63**0.63 (0.038)2025282000400084.585%
CBK-F0.8**0.89 (0.054)85.5
CBK-F1.2**1.27 (0.078)8786%
CBK-F1.5**1.487 (0.091)87.8
CBK-F1.6**1.66 (0.101)88.5
CBK-F2.0**2.05 (0.125)9088%
CBK-F2.1**2.17 (0.132)90.5
CBK-F2.5**2.56 (0.156)92
CBK-F2.7**2.8 (0.171)93
CBK-F3.2**3.32 (0.203)9589%
CBK-F3.7**3.8 (0.232)1823262000360097
CBK-F4.2**4.3 (0.263)9990%
CBK-F5**5.1 (0.311)14182315003000102
CBK-F6**6.03 (0.368)105.5
CBK-F8**8.08 (0.493)101418113.5

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