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Project Description

CB-E Gear Pumps

Item#: Gear Pumps
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Quality Certificate: ISO9000, ISO/TS16949
Delivery Time: 7-15 working day
Guarantee Period: 1 Years
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General Description

Small in displacement, the CB-E pump consists of a gear pair supported by two aluminum bearing blocks, a housing, front cover and rear cover. The features of CB-E pump have small dimension, low weight, high mechanical and volumetric efficiency as well as low noise level. It has been widely used in small hydraulic systems of medium/high pressure for a majority of applications.
Notes: The CB-E gear pump has four inlet/outlet positions: rear in/front out, side in/ front out, side in/side out, rear in/side out. Both CW and CCW direction pumps are available.

Order Code

Outline Dimension

CB-E Gear Pumps (Rear in/Front out)

CB-E Gear Pumps (Side in/Front out)

CB-E Gear Pumps (Side in/Side out)

CBK-F*CF Outline Dimension (Side in/side out)

CBK-F*DF Outline Dimension (Rear in/rear out)

Technical data

mL/r(in 3 /r)P1P2P3SpeedL(mm)Efficiency
CB-E0.26***0.27 (0.0165)161820300061.20.82
CB-E0.32***0.33 (0.0201)61.7
CB-E0.38 ***0.39 (0.0238)62.2
CB-E0.5 ***0.49 (0.0299)630.85
CB-E0.6 ***0.61 (0.037)64
CB-E0.63 ***0.64 (0.039)64.2
CB-E0.75 ***0.76 (0.046)65.20.86
CB-E0.88 ***0.88 (0.0537)66.2
CB-E1.00 ***1.00 (0.061)67.2
CB-E1.25 ***1.25 (0.0763)69.2
CB-E1.5 ***1.54(0.094)71.5
CB-E1.9 ***1.91(0.1165)12141674.50.88

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