>>The use of Power unit hydraulic oil

The use of Power unit hydraulic oil

  • Due to various types of hydraulic system failure occur more than 80% of the problems are caused by hydraulic oil, so the correct use of hydraulic oil to ensure the system’s reliability is very important.
  • The product must use hydraulic oil to meet the national standards, prohibitedthe use of recycled oil.
  • We used the anti-wear hydraulic oil, according to the different weather and environment temperature can choose different viscosity of hydraulic oil, the selection of hydraulic oil of high viscosity of the general environment of high temperature, such as HM46 or HM68; and low temperature environmental selection of hydraulic oil of low viscosity, such as hm32 or anti icing hydraulic oil.
  • To control the oil temperature, high temperature easy to make oil oxidation, loss of elasticity, affect the system work properly.
  • Because of the power unit of the hydraulic valve is relatively high accuracy, the working gap is relatively small, it is easy due to the presence of impurities in the oil leaving the hydraulic valve failure death card, the cleaning fluid is very important, and we use refined oil factory Cleanliness not up to standard the actual requirements, therefore, during refueling of oil must be filtered, the filter can be used optimal refueling machine, also can mask more than three or more than 300 mesh filter filter precision refueling.
  • The cylinder and the tubing and other components of the internal cleanliness of the hydraulic system cleanliness is also a great impact.
  • Since the beginning of the system has a run-in period, such as at work, but there may be manyproblems, such as metal particles, cotton yarn, rubber particles, welding slag and other contaminants within the original system, so after 100 hours of work in the system must be first oil changes, to clean up the system;to prevent oil used for a long time to produce oxidation and deterioration of the system after the first oil change every year since the requirements of the system for cleaning and replacement of new hydraulic oil. In order to maintain the normal working state of the system.
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