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In order to use the product to achieve the functionality required by the user, when ordering, users must offer products relevant technical requirements and parameters.

Hydraulic Cylinder parameters

– including the cylinder bore and piston rod diameter, stroke, cylinder quantity;
– it is a double action cylinder or single cylinder;
– this hydraulic power unit is one circuit or several circuit;
– is the top level, the straight top or inclined top; inclined top, the angle for cylinder in the starting position the axis line and the horizontal line;
– are controlled separately or simultaneously controlled.

Working environment and working frequency
1、Working environment including normal environment, dust environment, the environment of high temperature, wet environment, flammable exposure in the environment, outdoor environment, low temperature, low noise environment, walking environment.
2、Working frequency means that the continuous working time of a working cycle of the product, the time interval between each cycle and the number of continuous work day.
The power for hydraulic motor and solenoid valve

The power for hydraulic motor has AC and DC power.
AC power has three-phase 380V hydraulic motor and single-phase 220V hydraulic motor. The motor parameters has rated power, rated speed, frequency, degree of protection, etc;
DC power voltage has 12V, 24V, 48V, 60V, 72V and so on;
The work system has two kinds of short time system and time delay system, and it can be determined according to the continuous working time.
If there are special requirements for the voltage and frequency of the motor, it must be specified.

The power for Solenoid valve 
If the system uses AC motor control, AC power can be used, can also be used with DC, usually we use single-phase AC power, such as AC110V or AC220V; with DC, usually DC24V.
If the system uses a DC motor, control power for DC power, the voltage should match the DC voltage phases.

Hydraulic power unit Load and related functions
1、size of the load, including the weight of the host platform; cylinder withstand thrust or pull.
2、lifting speed requirements, it need adjust the speed or electronically controlled speed.
3、Whether the system need to pressure maintaining function, reduced function, counter function, synchronization function, sequential function.

Hydraulic power unit Installation and installation space
Installation Product installation has vertical and horizontal installation of two.
Installation space:
If the product is in use, it is necessary to provide the installation space size, or to put forward the requirement of the product outline dimension;And outside the product, there is no size requirements.
for vehicle or the work environment is not ideal, generally with the box cover or shield.
Hydraulic power unit outlet size

Usually as below:
Size 6 with M14 × 1.5, (adopt size 8 tubing)
Size 10 with M18 × 1.5,
Size 12 with M22 × 1.5,
Size 16 with M27 × 2.0, etc.
If the user has other requirements on the size of the oil port or need to configure the pipe connection, to be described

Hydraulic power unit Accessories
if system equipped with pressure gauge, pressure switch, pressure sensor, connected to a hand pump spare port, fuel tank with oil level, system installation air cooler, to be described.

Hydraulic power unit relevant documents

1、for the design of complex special models, users can provide relevant hydraulic circuit diagram,or be designed according to user requirements and mutual recognition.
2、If users need related quality documentation,to be described.
3、The product appearance, brand logo, etc. if there are special requirements, to be described.
4、Purchased order with Fax, email and other forms to confirm is accept.


Hydraulic power unit Packaging and Transportation
Usually the power unit packaging with export carton and with wooden pallet; For special transport and packaging, to be described.

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